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Espinoza Pool & Spa Service                     July 9, 2008
Newark, Ca. 94560

Attention:       Mr. Octavio Espinoza
Re:               Mirabeau Park HOA Pool

Dear Mr. Espinoza;

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did when you reconstructed our pool. When you were done we had a new pool, new pumps, a new heater system, and properly wired electrical circuits for the pool lighting system. You had added decorative tile around the outside of the pool as well as a tile deep end line and a spruced up set of stairs into the shallow end.

This was not an easy job. Our pool was built for a community of 85 homes 34 years ago. Although a professional pool service had been retained to care for it, the pool had actually suffered from years of neglect. The original surface had cracked during an earthquake. It was patched with a thin coat of fiberglass leaving the original damage un-repaired. The subsequent water damage had destroyed the rebar reinforcement of the pool itself. It was a mess.

You and your crew ripped out the old fiberglass, replaced the rebar, repaired the cracks, and completely resurfaced the pool. You pulled out the old heater, the pumps, and the connecting pipes and replaced it all. You rewired the underwater light and placed it on its own, dedicated, circuit. You completed the job in under two weeks and re-inspected the pool every couple of days to be sure that it was being properly cared for now.

We appreciate the beautiful new pool and recognize the pride that you take in your work. Please consider this a letter of recommendation as well as appreciation.

Thank You

Jay E. Crawford
Mirabeau Park HOA
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